How To Achieve Youthful Eyes

Aesthetic eyelid surgery is becoming more and more popular as people increasingly yearn to return the youthful look to tired eyes. Although lifestyle factors such as getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water and maintaining a healthy diet are all key to minimising ageing, sometimes we need a little help to bring back that youthful beauty.

Our eyes are often the first to show signs of ageing, before other parts of the face and body, as the skin around the eyes is already so thin and translucent. Droopiness, puffy eyelids, wrinkles, bags and dark circles all play a part in causing us to look older. But with proper aesthetic training your doctor can help to maintain your youthful beauty as you age.

Before eyelid surgery can be recommended, other non-surgical treatments will usually first be considered, such as dermal fillers for the minimisation of dark circles under eyes, or chemical peels for the smoothing out of squint lines. However, if you do go for eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, it’s important to discuss your medical health history with your surgeon and to follow all of their advice before and after the procedure to minimise any risk. But risks associated with this type of procedure are very low, and can be minimised further with cosmetic nurse training.

Skincare Labels Are Misleading Customers

Do your beauty products really do what they claim to do?

When searching for the perfect skin-care products, we’ve all been tempted by products labelled as natural, unscented, hypoallergenic or firming, but what exactly do these buzzwords really mean? These are 4 of the most common claims found on beauty products, but they can be misleading, and often deliberately so.

1. ‘Natural’.

What it suggests: Contains only ingredients from plants or minerals, no chemicals.

What it actually means: Whatever the manufacturer wants as there is no legal definition of “natural”. It may contain one of two essential oils plus a whole load of chemicals!

What to try instead: a dermal fillers course will keep you looking younger for longer with no need to splash out on expensive creams and lotions.

2. ‘Firming’

What it suggests: Proven to make skin firmer in appearance.

What it actually means: Essentially not much as there is no objective way to measure firming. Most claims are based on a small study of subjective consumer perceptions.

What to try instead: Using dermal fillers can be a much more effective way to produce more firm looking skin. Ensure that those treating you have completed recognised dermal fillers training courses.