Botox Offers Miracle Cure For Cerebral Palsy

A brave three-year-old has taken his first steps on his own after having Botox injections in his legs. Born with cerebral palsy, he was previously unable to walk or even stand due to blocked nerve impulses, but the cosmetic wrinkle eraser has proved to be a miracle cure for the tot. Previously when the toddler had tried to walk his muscles tightened up to such an extent that he was unable to straighten his legs without crippling pain.

His parents had searched the internet for possible treatments and wondered whether Botox could be the solution. Whilst used most commonly to treat wrinkles, it can also be put to work on nerves in other parts of the body, in this case by unblocking the nerve impulses that were restricting the toddler’s movement. 12 injections of Botox were used to treat his legs, with miraculous results.

The little boy had suffered numerous health problems after been born prematurely at twenty-nine weeks, weighing just three pounds. When at 8 months he was struggling to sit up, his parents realized that there may be something wrong with him. His legs then proceeded to tighten up to the point that he was unable to straighten them. The effects of each treatment of Botox will now last for 4 – 6 months, and the little boy is on the waiting list for nerve surgery that will provide a more permanent cure for his condition. Sign up for botox training or aesthetic courses to become qualified to offer Botox treatments and change someone’s life.

Keeping Up Appearances

For a generation that holds Jordan and the cast of The Only Way is Essex up as role models, we more than ever see appearance as a mark of success. Whereas once makeup used to be enough, then we moved on to false eyelashes, hair extensions, and finally cosmetic treatments. Every woman’s dream is immediate and enduring perfection at any cost, and there are plenty of companies claiming to offer this, so how can we know which are genuine and which are preying on our insecurities and gambling with our looks for a quick buck?

Currently, in the UK, it is legal for anyone to call themselves a beauty practitioner and to perform a variety of medical procedures without any professional training or adhering to approved products. It is even possible to buy the syringes and fillers over the internet without proving you have any qualifications. It is possible to buy and administer over 130 different types of filler in the UK, compared with the US where only 6 are licensed for use. Adverts for these procedures are ubiquitous in women’s magazines, displaying heavily airbrushed results alongside images of the celebrities and models we are expected to idolise.

The industry providing cosmetic fillers is currently operating in the UK without any regulatory framework or body ensuring best practices and approval of products and treatments. A recent study by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) revealed that the number of reported problems with dermal fillers has doubled in the last three years, so it is all the more important to ensure that your practitioner has taken the necessary dermal filler training or aesthetic nurse training if you are considering getting dermal fillers.