Where Can I Use Botox (The Bunny Lines)

As we all know Botox is a safe medication that is administered for the cosmetic improvement of wrinkles. A possible reason where Botox may not be used is if you have diffused wrinkling because your skin may have been photo-aged. A possible appropriate treatment for this type of wrinkling may be to improve skin resiliency and its quality.

Obviously, before seeking any such cosmetic treatments it’s better to refer to a Botox training practitioner for quality advice on this subject.

This series of posts looks are where you can use Botox. We are mainly aware that it is predominantly best indicated for the forehead, crow’s feet or the “11-inch lines called the glabella”.

This post is going to look at the lines on the side of the nose known as ‘Bunny Lines’

So what are ‘Bunny Lines’?

They’re the lines by the side of the nose that show themselves when you make a particular face or gesture. They’re very much considered cute and many people have them.

With the proper medical advice and a reputable practitioner its a simple procedure to cosmetically reduce them. In some cases, though it is reported that botox on other parts of the face is actually thought to cause them. This serves as a delicious irony dished out by the likes of the daily newspaper dirt or shame columns.

It is thought that Botox between the brows may cause the Bunny Line effect.

In general, Botox doesn’t cause new lines to form but if you or your muscles are still trying to make certain expressions new muscles and areas may be recruited to do so.  Sometimes lines on the nose are already there but when the areas surrounding them become smoother and less noticeable we become increasingly aware of other areas we may not have noticed before.