Botox Myths 3

At Dr Hennessy Academy we provide cosmetic nurse training for services such as botox and dermal fillers training. It is important for our readers to understand all the important aspects associated around Botox, the myths and the standard concerns of many botox users. As Botox is by far one the most ubiquitous non surgical treatment it is important we report on best practice and its misconceptions, and who are the best possible applicants. Just you and your doctor know whether Botox is an appropriate treatment — yet before you get to that step, we can help our readers to understand all the myths out there! Here is the third of five blogs to help keep you informed…

MYTH: You are never too young for Botox

FACT: Although age is just a number, doctors have been reporting successes with patients who use botox at 65 and over. If a teenager was to ask their doctor or appropriate practioner for botox, it’s very likely that you’ll be told you’re too young for cosmetic use. Teenagers have who have interacted on forums discussing the lines under their eyes, have had received the  overwhelming consensus that you should wait. Beverly Hills Dermatologist Don Mehrabi, replied to one such post, saying, “While I am an advocate of preventative Botox and its use in the 20s age range, 18 is too young to begin Botox. First, Botox is not ideal for the lines underneath the eyes. Second, Botox is ideally used for lines that remain after constant muscle movement — at 18, you are very unlikely to have residual lines after movement. I would recommend waiting about 4 years before beginning Botox. You will have not lost anything by waiting.”