Botox – Fact or Fiction?

Date: October 30, 2012

Botox, seen by some as a magic potion that makes age seem like nothing but a number and enjoyed by celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Kim Cattrall, Vanessa Williams and many big Bollywood actors, is one of the most talked-about and misunderstood cosmetic treatments. Until recently, the B word has been used in hushed tones, adding to the layers of mystery and myth that surround it. But let’s try to clear up some of the most common Botox myths.

Myth number 1: Botox isn’t for men.

Actually male customers constitute nearly 10% of all Botox treatments and the numbers continue to grow. Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsay and Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey are just a few of the male celebrities who have advocated the use of Botox to delay the signs of aging.

Myth number 2: Botox is only used cosmetically.

In fact Botox has many medical uses in addition to the smoothing of wrinkles. Botox has also been approved for use in conditions such as neck pain, eyelid spasms, crossed eyes and severe underarm sweating.

Myth number 3: Anyone can perform a Botox treatment.

Quite the opposite, in fact, Botox must only be administered by experienced dermatologists, plastic surgeons or other aesthetic-specialty physicians with Medical Aesthetics Training, in appropriate medical settings that provide Aesthetics.

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