Botox Treatments Can Enhance Your First Impression Ratings, Scientists Confirm

Date: October 1, 2012

Demand for Botox Training across the North West and wider UK is on the rise as researchers confirm that the popular cosmetic treatment positively enhances first impression judgments – like those made at a first date or job interview – affecting ratings of attractiveness, athleticism, and dating success. This new research was presented at the Annual Meeting of the AAO-HNSF (American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation) in Chicago, Illinois.

Our first impressions of a person we meet for the first time are significantly influenced by their facial appearance, and, say scientists, enhanced by cosmetic surgery. A variety of first impression scales were used in order to determine whether or not the use of botulinum toxin A would contribute to a person receiving higher first impression ratings. Participants in the study were treated with botulinum toxin A, and photographed before and after the treatment. Members of the public were then asked to rate the person in each photograph against a number of indicators for success.

Subjects received significantly higher first impression scores in their post-treatment photos, in the categories of attractiveness, athleticism, and dating success. However, no positive correlation was found between botulinum toxin A injection and increased ratings for relationship success, financial or social skills.

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