Facial Filler Course

Date: February 15, 2023

Facial Filler Course

Right now, the market for facial aesthetics is expanding and presents an excellent opportunity for any medical expert searching for a change of pace or an additional source of income. Healthcare professionals like nurses, doctors, and dentists are the perfect candidates for a facial filler course here at Dr. Hennessy Academy.

The Benefits of Completing a Facial Filler Course

A facial filler course can help you become ready to take a new step into a new career. There are several advantages to pursuing an aesthetics career, whether it entails starting your own clinic or working for an established one, the main benefits are:

  • It will allow you to grow your income- facial filler treatments are becoming increasingly popular, therefore there is no better time to train in this area with the aim to grow your income.
  • You are able to choose your own hours- working in aesthetics gives you complete freedom to choose your hours and when you want to work them. It gives you the option to get away from that NHS rota, giving you the flexibility to work outside and around 9-5.
  • You already have the basic knowledge- having a medical professional background will give you the foundations and the basic knowledge to excel in a facial filler course.

What is Included in Our Facial Filler Course

At Dr Hennessy’s Academy our facial filler cosmetic courses for medical professionals provides you with both the theory and practice to launch your own aesthetics business. You will be handed your comprehensive e-learning pack, which will provide you with some background knowledge of aesthetic treatments and the industry.

You will then start the day with a thorough theoretical session where you will be encouraged to exchange information and ask questions. You will study facial mapping in the second half of the day, where you will examine a patient’s face by segmenting it into compartments, and you will have the chance to practise your injection method on a live model while being closely supervised by a trainer. The following is a list of all the items in our filler course:

  • Pre-course reading material
  • Contra indications and full safe practice theory
  • All reading manuals covering the whole course
  • Full theory presentation with Q and A session
  • Setting up your Business presentation for non-prescribers and prescribers
  • Full Demo of filler procedures in small groups
  • Models are provided for all delegates to have guaranteed practice of all areas multiple times
  • Expert supervision
  • Templates of consent forms, treatment forms etc
  • “How to perform a consultation “manual
  • Promotional and patient information leaflets

Examples of Filler Treatments

Several facial filler cosmetic procedures are covered when participating in a facial filler course. It is always more beneficial to be trained in as many aesthetic treatments as possible, to help ensure that you can gain as many clients as possible. Cheek filler, Non-surgical nose job, Jawline filler, Lip filler and a Corner lip lift are all good examples of dermal filler treatments you might want to consider when going ahead with a facial filler course. 

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Here at Dr Hennessy Academy we offer a wide range of courses. If you are interested in training in a facial filler course or any other course, such as our Advanced Aesthetic Training course, please feel free to get in touch with us today. We also offer other advanced lip filler courses, Botox training and Botox courses.

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