Filler Training FAQs

Date: June 1, 2023

Filler Training FAQs

Why should I take a filler training course?

Participating in one of our filler courses will give you the essential knowledge and skills needed to perform dermal filler procedures. If you are looking for the next step to take in your aesthetics career, then a filler training course is the right step to take to help you expand your skills or to help open your very own clinic. 

Who can attend our filler training courses? 

Here at Dr Hennessy Academy, we offer training to people working in the following professions:

– Dentists 
– Doctors
– Nurses
– Midwives 
– Pharmacists
– Dental Nurses
– Radiographers 

Can I attend a filler training course with no medical background?

Here at Dr Hennessy Academy we only offer our filler course and all our other courses to people who have a healthcare background, therefor we do not offer training to people such as beauty therapists. We also only offer our advanced courses to people who have completed a Dr Hennessy or equivalent combined foundation course

What is included in a filler training course?

On your training course day, it will consist of theory and practical work. We aim to provide you with a relaxed learning environment, where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions and share any experiences with the group. You will start your day with a session which will include in-depth theory into dermal fillers, giving you all the knowledge that you need. By the end of the training course, you have knowledge of the science behind the products, complications and safety. You will then take part in hands-on practical training, where you will practice on several live models. 

How many people are on the filler training courses?

All our courses are limited to groups of 6, this is to ensure that all our course delegates have the in-depth training that they need. This is to ensure that we can give unlimited support throughout the day, where we are able to provide an excellent education in dermal fillers and closely supervise.

Do I get to practice on live models?

On all courses attended at Dr Hennessy Academy, including our filler training courses, we give our delegates the chance to practice on a number of different live models. We believe that it is important to practice on a number of different live modes, to allow you to see and inject different faces with different needs. 

Why should I train with Dr Hennessy Academy?

Dr Hennessy BDS comes from a dental background, with over 20 years of experience, meaning that you will receive the right training needed to excel in the aesthetics industry. We have many years of helping a wide range of medical professionals to train in a number of different cosmetic procedures, giving people the opportunity to progress in their careers. We offer lip filler courses, Botox courses and a range of other cosmetic courses.

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