What Happens During a Botox Training Course?

Date: December 14, 2021

What Happens During a Botox Training Course?

Making the move from healthcare to aesthetics might be intimidating to people who have worked in the healthcare industry for a long time. To anyone making this decision, we would advise you not to panic!

We believe making the switch is a great move for your personal development and financial success. However, we understand that it could still be a stressful time in your life.

To help with this, let’s go through everything that you can expect when you attend one of our Botox training courses so that you can prepare in advance and put any worries you might have at ease.

Choose your course

The first step to attending a Botox training course is to find what course is right for you according to your current experience and goals.

You should take care to select a course that is not only right for you but also fully insured and accredited by the CPD Certification Service for your continued development – like our courses at the Dr Hennessy Academy.

We have multiple different courses that are better suited to teaching different techniques. For example, we offer lip filler courses dedicated to lip fillers and local anaesthesia, as well as advanced courses around cannula training.

Our most popular Botox training course that we deliver is our Combined Botox and Dermal Filler Foundation Day Training Course. This is the perfect place for any current healthcare professionals to begin their transition into becoming an aesthetic practitioner and is suitable for beginners.

Before you arrive

We provide you with an important e-learning package for you to read before attending our Botox courses. It’s important that you go through this because our course is delivered over one full day and we try to make sure you hit the ground running.

The learning pack includes information about the aesthetics industry as well as specific details about certain products and procedures.

After combing through this document, which is written in easy-to-understand plain English, you should be well prepared for a full day of hands-on learning.

Theoretical knowledge

To begin your day of learning, we’ll start by teaching you everything you would need to know to begin injecting patients safely with Botox and dermal fillers.

This includes facial mapping techniques, anatomy knowledge, and specific product information. With your background as a healthcare professional, this should all be relatively easy for you to follow and understand.

You will also notice at this point of course that we limit class sizes to small numbers. We do this to help encourage you ask questions if you have any and so our instructor, either Dr Hennessy or Mrs Alisha Stonier, is able to answer all questions asked.

Practice, practice, practice

After an introduction to the theoretical side of being an aesthetic practitioner, you will be given the chance to get a lot of practice in.

The teaching technique that we have found to be the best over the years is a relaxed and hands-on style. For this reason, we choose not to make our students complete ‘tests’.

Instead, we provide plenty of opportunities for you to directly practice on real life models first hand – under the close supervision of your instructor.

Another benefit of learning by injecting real models over fake dummies is that it gives you experience in using your facial mapping and anatomy skills as every natural face is different.

Because our courses are made up of small groups, you will have the opportunity to perform every technique that you would use in your aesthetic clinic more than once. Again, this also provides you with the chance to ask any questions you may have to our experienced instructors and be able to get a quick and detailed answer.

Let’s talk business

The last module of your Botox training course concerns the business element of becoming an aesthetic practitioner. This is delivered via a talk that we call ‘Starting in Aesthetics’.

During this session, we’ll give you all the necessary information that you could possibly need to start your own aesthetic business, as well as teach you the best practices behind prescribing and ordering products and materials.

What happens after you graduate

The reason we do what we do is to create an amazing, talented, next generation of aesthetic practitioners. To make sure that we do this, we not only deliver exceptional courses but also remain in touch with all of our course graduates as they set up their new business or go to work in the aesthetics industry.

We do this by providing you access to a members’ only Facebook page that includes our network of healthcare professionals where we encourage everyone to remain up to date regarding specialist industry advice.

As well, we encourage you to get in contact with us at any point in the future if you were to ever have any questions regarding any of our cosmetic courses.

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