Uses for Botox – Botox for Bunny Lines

Date: July 19, 2021

Uses for Botox – Botox for Bunny Lines

We are continuing to look at some of the more uncommon uses of Botox.

If you plan to receive Botox training or take part in Botox courses and become a Botox practitioner then you may need to prepare yourself to do additional research on some of these more infrequent Botox applications.

When training with live models, you will be able to practice all of the most common procedures but you may have a hard time finding a model who has a less common issue, like for example a gummy smile as we have already discussed.

Fortunately, with a fully detailed foundation course you will be well prepared for learning about the more advanced techniques that can be taught in a follow-up advanced course.

What are bunny lines?

They are the lines around the nose that show themselves when you make a particular face or gesture. Bunny wrinkles above the nose are very much considered cute and many people have them.

However, if you are wondering how to get rid of wrinkles on a nose bridge then you will be glad to know that with the proper medical advice and a reputable practitioner it is a simple enough procedure.

Bunny Lines on Nose of Women
Image credit to Skin Renewal

How many units of Botox for bunny lines?

Two units of Botox on either side of the nose are usually enough for most patients, although some may require slightly more.

In terms of the bunny lines Botox technique, it is recommended to only address the superficial fibres parallel to the orbital rim so that you avoid impacting the lip elevators and are left with either a frozen or a droopy mid face which can be some of the Botox bunny line side effects if not applied properly.

How long does Botox last for bunny lines?

You can usually expect bunny lines on the nose to be less visible for around three to four months after initial treatment.

After multiple treatments, the bunny lines on the face will become less and less prominent and the Botox treatments will be effective for longer.

If you are wondering what Botox will do to your expression lines after treating bunny wrinkles then fear not. When applied correctly, you will still be able to smile and display most normal facial expressions like wrinkling your nose up without developing any new and severe expression lines.

Some people are under the impression that Botox actually causes bunny lines in the first place. This is usually cited alongside bunny lines Botox before and after pictures with celebrities with forehead wrinkles. While this may be somewhat true, it is not as simple as it sounds.

How does Botox cause bunny lines on face?

Botox does not directly cause the bunny line muscles in the face to activate but it can have an impact on them.

If you have had Botox in areas around the upper face then you will find it harder to make certain expressions and faces that you have been used to. When you repeatedly try to force these expressions, new muscles will be activated in your face and it is these new muscles that can cause nose wrinkles or bunny lines.

Also, sometimes lines on the nose are already there but when the areas surrounding them become smoother and less noticeable, we become increasingly more aware of other areas we may not have noticed before.

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