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We train surgeons, doctors, dentists and nurses in a variety of treatments

From complete beginners to more advanced practitioners, you will benefit from our cosmetic training through Dr. Hennessy BDS, having personal experience in non-surgical aesthetics since 2000.

If you are a doctor, dentist, nurse, or dental hygienist, the Academy botox training, aesthetic training, and cosmetic courses will guide you step-by-step through the theory and practical applications of these treatments. We strongly believe we can offer you the knowledge and surety that will make you an enthusiastic and non-surgical practitioner.

Who do we train?

  1. Dentists – As Dentists work in Aesthetics, our courses are in tune with their needs to gain hands-on experience in non-invasive facial surgeries.
  2. Doctors – With experience in the industry, learning Facial Aesthetics is a great way for Doctors to expand their knowledge and further their career.
  3. Nurses – Nurses are some of the most hard-working people in the medical industry, expand your career & follow a profession that can push your income further.
  4. Midwives – Being a Midwife is not an easy job, we tune our courses to help you learn new skills and open your career up to new possibilities.
  5. Pharmacists – As a Pharmacists, you already hold the skills needed to advance your learning into the world non-surgical cosmetic procedure.
  6. Radiographers – Radiographers, open up your horizons to expand your knowlegde and skills ln the non-surgical cosmetic industry.


Dr Hennessy Academy offers a range of in-depth courses that build on your existing skills as a doctor.


If you’re a nurse currently working in the NHS or providing private medical care, then you may wish to consider aesthetic training.


With the qualifications you have as a midwife in the UK, you’re actually in a perfect position to get into the world of cosmetic procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers.


If you’re a dentist working in the NHS or in private practice, then you may wish to consider aesthetic training.