Local Anaesthesia Training

Course Length: 9.30am – 5pm

If you have already completed a Foundation course with the Dr Hennessy Academy, or other accredited course, and would like to extend your aesthetics practice then our full-day Lip Filler Training in Lip Augmentation and Local Anaesthesia is a logical next step.

Lip treatments are one of an aesthetics clinic’s largest revenues and it is immediately obvious if the practitioner is skilled enough to achieve natural and enhanced lips without distortion of the mouth area and consequently the client’s face.

Add More Value to your Business with Our Lip Filler Course

Lip fillers are one of the most searched for cosmetic treatments online, and adding lip augmentation to your portfolio can not only extend the range of services that you can offer to your clients but also attract new clients into your business.

The core objective of this aesthetics lip filler training course is to provide knowledge and practice in the safe and professional use of dermal fillers to artistically enhance lips.

During the day you will benefit from a mix of theoretical and practical training which will allow you to fully understand the differences between rejuvenating and re-volumising the lips, as well as administering local anaesthesia safely.

In this lip filler course, you’ll also learn how to choose the correct lip filler for your patient as well as how to maintain balance within the face.

We will provide the lip models for the practical part of your course and we only use market-leading products.

Once you have completed the day, you’ll receive a Certificate of Competence which is accepted by all major insurance companies.

Important Information About our Lip Filler Course

You MUST be medically qualified to attend this training course.

Completion of this Booking Form will also require you to pay the cost of your course in full using our secure online system.

Please be aware that delegates must have completed a basic foundation course with ourselves or another provider before booking on this training day.

Foundation certificates will be asked for after booking.

You can view the Dr Hennessy Foundation Botox and Dermal Filler course here.

Course Details

  • The science
  • Local anaesthesia and full nerve infiltration presentation
  • Balancing within the face and correct lip sizing
  • Choosing the correct filler for your patient
  • Realistic expectation
  • Dealing with complications

  • Lip injecting with hands-on guidance
  • Local anaesthesia injecting
  • Definition and/or plumping
  • Upper lip v. lower lip
  • Small course groups benefiting detailed techniques
  • High model to delegate ratio
  • Explaining simple lip definition/fullness
  • Anaesthetise and administer painlessly
  • How to perform a consultation for correct lip proportions and skeletal pattern
  • Essential lip anatomy and how to avoid and treat complications

  • All reading manuals to cover the course
  • Full theory presentation with q and a session
  • Models provided to cover as many aspects as possible from the whole range of advanced procedures – focusing especially on those treatments we know are the most popular with patients and delegates
  • Expert supervision
  • Templates of consent forms, treatment plan forms etc.
  • “how to perform a cosmetic consultation “manual
  • Promotional and patient information leaflets
  • Complications management and safe, simple techniques

  • UNLIMITED after course support – by phone or email
  • Access to PRIVATE FACEBOOK forum (for ongoing expert tips from our team, updates in the industry and meeting other delegates)
  • Acceptance from ALL major insurers on completion of our accredited course
  • Discounts of future courses


Knowledge of dermal filler procedures is an essential part of cosmetic surgery practice along with Botox training. A course in dermal fillers will help to prepare you for the next step in your aesthetics career, be it opening your own clinic or gaining a new position at an existing practice.

A career in cosmetic surgery including dermal filler training is attractive for a number of reasons.
  1. Increase your earnings – Botox and aesthetic medicine can be highly profitable. On average a patient will pay £215-£470 per aesthetic treatment every 3 months. So with merely two or three patients per week you can add thousands to your income.
  2. Work/life balance– Private aesthetic practice offers you the freedom of deciding when you work, unlike NHS rotas. This can be in the evenings and weekends around your GP or consultant practice, or 9-5 like a normal day job to replace shift work.
  3. Creative fulfilment – Non-surgical aesthetics training is the perfect way to release your creativity. Non-surgical aesthetics is based on medical science, but applying it is an art form and your work can and will create beautiful results.
  4. Personal fulfilment – Botox and dermal fillers practice offers the chance to work with patients over the long term and build a lasting professional relationship.
  5. A growth industry – Medical aesthetics is a growth industry, with new products and procedures constantly emerging in all areas, not only with dermal fillers but with botox and with their combined application.

“I am so glad that I took this course with Dr Hennessy, his teaching is excellent, he made sure everybody understood everything we were doing. He’s very supportive, very clear explanations and always willing to answer any questions we had. If anyone is thinking about doing this course, I would highly recommend it” – Roya Khosrokiani, Dental Nurse

Dr Stephen Hennessy is a leading expert in the field of Botox who has performed many thousands of skin treatments to enhance and restore facial skin since the year 2000.

All dermal filler training courses are taught by Dr Stephen Hennessy in person and assisted by Ms Alisha Owen. Dr Stephen Hennessy’s has experience within the non-surgical aesthetics field:

  • All Botox training courses are taught by Dr Stephen Hennessy himself.

  • Dr Stephen Hennessy has been an honorary clinical tutor for UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) on the MSc program in facial aesthetics and also a trainer in advanced procedures for Galderma at London’s Royal College of Surgeons.

  • Dr Stephen Hennessy is BBC Radio Lancashire’s expert for facial rejuvenation and cosmetic dentistry.

  • A new dermal filler procedure has been named “The Hennessy Lift” in recognition of Dr Stephen Hennessy’s innovative Botox filler work.

If you’re a medical professional such as a dentist, doctors, nurse or a health professional and are committed to training properly in cosmetic procedures then attending a dermal filler course at The Dr Hennessy Academy not only offers you the chance to obtain world class training but help be a part of a safer and more clinically industry.

The dermal filler courses are for health professionals:
  • Dentists – As Dentists work in aesthetics, our courses are in tune with their needs to gain hands-on experience in non-invasive facial surgeries.

  • Doctors – With experience in the industry, learning Facial Aesthetics is a great way for Doctors to expand their knowledge and further their career.

  • Nurses – Nurses are some of the most hard-working people in the medical industry, expand your career & follow a profession that can push your income further.

  • Midwives – Being a Midwife is not an easy job, we tune our courses to help you learn new skills and open your career up to new possibilities.

Training clinics for all Dr Hennessy dermal filler courses are at the Preston Clinic in the North West of England

“Excellent day again, very good theory and lots of practical experience as well as having a laugh along the way!” – Tom Charnock, Dentist

During the day we also have a Starting in Aesthetics talk. The Dr Hennessy Academy will show you how to prescribe, order and help to formulate the start-up of your business.

A dermal filler is a soft tissue filler injected into the skin to help fill in facial wrinkles. Dermal fillers help to smooth facial lines and restore volume and fullness in the face.

Botox and dermal fillers are both cosmetic treatments given through injections. However, they work in completely different ways.

Botox contains purified bacteria in the form of the Botulinum Toxin that freeze muscles to help minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions.

Dermal fillers however do not freeze muscles, instead, they contain ingredients that add fullness to areas that have thinned due to ageing.

Yes, we need to know you have been on a foundation course before moving on those tricky swelling lips. We will ask for a copy of your certificate from a previous provider if you didn’t complete your foundation with us.

Dr Hennessy makes sure that you all inject a full lip on different models. So you will do a lower lip on one model and an upper on another etc. You will also be injecting on different models which allows you to see differences in individuals faces and needs.

Dr Hennessy Academy uses Restylane Kysse and Boletero on our lips and LA training course.