Filler course

Facial aesthetics is a growing market right now and offers an excellent opportunity for any medical professional looking for a career change or additional revenue stream. Here at Dr Hennessy Academy, we offer a filler course for healthcare professionals such as nurses, doctors and dentists. We also offer a range of other lip filler courses, Botox courses and facial aesthetics courses.

What does the filler course include?

During our filler course for medical professionals, you will be equipped with the necessary theory and practise needed to start your very own aesthetics business. You will start the course with a comprehensive e-learning pack which will give you some background knowledge of aesthetics and the industry. Then, you will begin your day with an in depth theory session where you will be encouraged to ask questions and share information. In the second half of the day, you will learn facial mapping where you will assess a patient’s face by dividing it into compartments and have the opportunity to practise your injection technique on a live model under close supervision of a trainer. Here is a list of everything included in our filler course:

  • Pre-course reading material
  • Contra indications and full safe practice theory
  • All reading manuals covering the whole course
  • Full theory presentation with Q and A session
  • Setting up your Business presentation for non-prescribers and prescribers
  • Full Demo of filler procedures in small groups
  • Models are provided for all delegates to have guaranteed practice of all areas multiple times
  • Expert supervision
  • Templates of consent forms, treatment forms etc
  • “How to perform a consultation “manual
  • Promotional and patient information leaflets

What are the benefits of completing this course?

A filler course helps in preparing you to take a step in a new career direction. Whether that involves you opening up your own clinic or gaining a position at an existing one, there are a number of benefits of a career working in aesthetics:

  • Grow your income- filler is becoming increasingly popular meaning there is no better time to train with a filler course to grow your income. With just a few patients per week, you have the opportunity to add thousands to your income. 
  • Release your creativity- filler allows you to apply your creative expression which you might not be able to achieve through standard medical practise.
  • Choose your own hours- unlike with a rota you will find in an NHS job, working as a private aesthetician gives you complete freedom to choose when you want to work. This gives you the flexibility to work outside and around a 9-5.