Dermal Filler Courses For Doctors

As a medical professional, such as a Doctor, venturing into the aesthetics industry can prove to be a highly gratifying and financially rewarding career shift. It also offers the prospect of achieving a better work-life balance compared to the demanding healthcare sector. Our Dermal Filler Courses for Doctors open doors to new career opportunities and additional income streams.

If you’re accustomed to long hours, stress, and occasional underappreciation within the healthcare system and wish to explore alternative avenues while leveraging your medical expertise, our aesthetics training program for doctors might be the ideal solution. Our comprehensive foundation dermal filler training courses cater to those making the leap into the aesthetics field, and we also offer advanced courses for individuals with more experience or as a follow-up option for those seeking to expand their knowledge and enhance their offerings to clients.

What can you expect when enrolling in our Dermal Filler Courses for Doctors?

For our foundation course, you can expect to spend an entire day at our training facility. During this immersive experience, you’ll be part of a small group of trainees personally guided by Dr. Stephen Hennessy himself. This personalised approach provides you with the best opportunity to ask questions and ensure that you’re grasping the material thoroughly.

The curriculum comprises a blend of theoretical and practical learning. The theoretical component not only delves into the rationale behind the use of specific products and the science underpinning them but also imparts crucial insights into establishing a successful aesthetic practice.

As a Doctor, your ability to grasp the intricacies of this industry is likely to be swift, enabling you to progress to our advanced courses with confidence. The demand for dermal filler treatments has never been higher. If you aspire to be part of this multi-billion-dollar industry, consider reserving your spot in one of our foundation courses or our advanced dermal filler course today.

Why choose our Dermal Filler Course for Doctors with Dr. Hennessy BDS?

The Dr. Hennessy Academy offers a spectrum of comprehensive dermal filler and aesthetics training courses designed to build upon your existing medical expertise. With over two decades of experience in the aesthetics field and a background in dentistry, Dr. Hennessy BDS ensures that you receive a comprehensive training program.

Our training encompasses e-learning, in-person theoretical instruction, and hands-on practical experience to furnish you with a solid and self-assured grasp of the products and procedures involved in administering aesthetic treatments.

Filler Courses for Doctors covers essential aspects such as consultation techniques, facial mapping, and the administrative aspects of running an aesthetics business. This holistic training equips you with the confidence and expertise needed to serve clients competently upon completion of your training.

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