Aesthetics Training For Dental Nurses

As a dental nurse, you’ll discover that a lot of your skills and knowledge can be applied to the lucrative and fruitful aesthetics sector. 

We specialise in providing aesthetics training for dental nurses, whether you’re considering starting a new career as an aesthetics practitioner within the dental practice or wanting to open your own aesthetics firm our courses can give you the next step into your new career.

If you’re a dental nurse trying to advance your career, you should be aware that you must collaborate with a licenced physician, dentist, or medical nurse who has a current prescriber’s number. This is due to the fact that a pharmacy will only dispense Botulinum Toxin to a customer who has a legitimate prescriber’s number. This prescriber must have undertaken an aesthetics course.

Before you do any procedure, your designated prescriber must also attend the in-person meeting with you and the patient, complete a thorough examination, and provide a prescription.

Dermal fillers, do not require a prescription and are categorised as “medical devices.” Only a few nations, like the UK, do not recognise them as medicines, thus no prescriber consultation is necessary. It’s crucial to realise that major issues might still happen while injecting dermal fillers, which is why aesthetics training for dental nurses is crucial. 

Benefits of Aesthetics Training For Dental Nurses

You have the chance to considerably improve your own talents and make the most of your prior dental nurse expertise, thanks to our in-depth training.

You will learn how to administer procedures like dermal fillers, and comparable cosmetic procedures, for which the patient base has increased recently nearly tenfold.

Your existing knowledge and your newly acquired practical skills can work together to create wonderful chances for you in the future.

Our group classes are purposefully kept small so that each student has the chance to engage in the crucial hands-on practice that we take great pride in. We also make sure that there is enough time for questions, sharing concerns, and learning everything you need to know about the products and procedures involved in your new career. Every delegate on our Foundation Course is guaranteed to inject every area covered at least twice.

Aesthetics Training for Dental Nurses at Dr Hennessy’s Academy

With our advanced aesthetics training for dental nurses, you will be able to gain access to more experience in complicated procedures but it will allow you to offer more to your clientele.

We teach advanced techniques to a dental nurse who has already received foundation training. Joining one of our advanced courses can give you that competitive edge and expand your knowledge into treatments such as Hyperhidrosis, Scar correction, Brow lifting and Jawline definition. 

If you are looking for more one on one training, we offer bespoke training courses. To ensure that you meet your unique, personal objectives, this course can be entirely customised to your existing level of expertise and knowledge.

For more information about any of our aesthetics training for dental nurses, or to book your place on a course today, give us a call at 01704 567557.

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