Botox Courses

Become a successful non-surgical cosmetic practitioner with our established and reputable Botox training days. We offer these all our Courses for all medical and healthcare professionals. Please don’t worry if you are new to the field of non-surgical aesthetics, our courses ensure you are taught thoroughly through our in-depth theory and intense practical sessions giving you the knowledge and skills to safely enter the exciting aesthetic industry.

Botox Courses For Beginners

Starting out in the area of aesthetics might seem confusing, so to help, the first course you would need to complete is our Botox Training Course for beginners. This training course also covers nasolabial and marionette lines with dermal fillers, so you will be competent in both areas. As you are new to the field of non-surgical aesthetics, we understand that you might be cautious having never injected for cosmetic purposes. At the Dr Hennessy Academy we will take you through the science, the products, contraindications, safely and complications in detail and this knowledge will give you the confidence to practice. This is a highly professional course taught by Dr Hennessy himself, a non-surgical practitioner since 2000.

What Is Included In The Course?

Throughout the training course you will learn a combination of theory and practical work. The day will start with an in-depth theory session which will give you an excellent understanding of Botox and dermal filler. In the afternoon, there is an intensive hands-on practical training where we guarantee that you will inject every area at least twice – this is an invaluable learning section. 

During this practical training, only live models are used, and importantly we don’t assign one model to one delegate, allowing you to see different facial structures. By the end of the day you will have a sound understanding of the facial muscles, facial structure and the skins aging process thus allowing you to advise your patient on the best treatment.

Once you leave, we are always here to answer any further questions you have, and we also have private groups of past delegates which seems very popular. You are then also able to go onto one of our more advanced Botox courses, once you have completed the beginners course.

More about our Botox Training

If you are unsure which of our aesthetics training course is right for you or you simply want to learn more about Dr Hennessy Academy, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Feel free to send us a message or fill out the contact form. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Botox Training Courses

What makes our Botox training courses special?

Our courses are special as they are all lead by Dr Stephen Hennessy who is has performed thousands of skin treatments to enhance and restore facial skin, making him a leading expert in the field of Botox. He has also had a dermal filler procedure named after him called the “The Hennessy Lift”, in recognition of his innovative work.

Do I have to have a medical professional background to train at the Dr Hennessy Academy?

Here at the Dr Hennessy Academy we only allow people who have a previous medical background to take part in our aesthetics training courses. If you would like to take part in any of your Botox training courses please get in touch with us today.

How can a Botox training benefit me?

Taking part in one of our Botox courses will allow you to take that next step needed in your aesthetics career, to then be able to go ahead and open up your very own clinic. You will expand your knowledge and practical learning, so that you can then offer the very latest treatments, opening yourself up to expanding your client basis.