Botox Training For Midwives

We specialise in training medical professionals—like midwives—to perform some of the most popular cosmetic procedures such as Botox.

You will receive your Botox training for Midwives in small group of 6 under the direction of Dr. Hennessy BDS, a dentist with more than 20 years of experience in aesthetics. He is aware of the state of the market and knows how to capitalise on the skills and expertise of experts working in both the NHS and private practise. He will walk you through everything you need to know about this fascinating profession with the help of Mrs. Alisha Stonier, RGN NP.

This involves not only the medical treatments itself but also the economic aspect of things, so as soon as you qualify, you’ll be prepared to start making money with your new skill.

  • National/international trainer for Galderma in Azzalure
  • Past Clinical Tutor for the MSc in facial aesthetics at UCLan University
  • Trainer to other professionals for Allergan, makers of Botox, Vistabel
  • Involved in the initial research trials for Allergan in Juvederm Ultra
  • Incentives
  • On Research panel for Galderma into Azzalure efficacy ( ANGEL study)
  • On research panel for Galderma into Azzalure safety
  • On the Clinical Advisory Panel for Allergan in Botox and Juvederm Ultra
  • Past clinical trainer for companies such as CODE
  • Expert for the Discovery Health Channel regarding Botox treatments
  • Creator of the anti-ageing skincare range

What are the benefits of Botox training for Midwives?

  • Due to the small size of our groups, each student receives the individual attention they require. You have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and for Dr. Hennessy to share his expertise and experiences.
  • Each course is accredited with the proper amount of CPD points and is approved by renowned insurers Hamilton Fraser, Enhance Insurance, and Lonsdale.
  • Hands-on practice with live models to create the most realistic learning experience. This is backed up with theory work revolving around the products and procedures as well as a comprehensive business start-up session.

How can Botox training for Midwives add to my skill set?

You’re actually in a great position to enter the field of cosmetic procedures like Botox treatments given your training as a midwife in the UK.

Today, becoming trained in Botox is a highly popular option for medical professionals like you to expand your horizons, boost your income, and set your own hours.

Since our Botox Courses for Midwives courses are short and economical, training doesn’t need a significant financial commitment or a lot of your time. Therefore, whether you work in private practise or the NHS, this is a terrific alternative for advancing your career.

Groups limited to 6

Our courses are recommended by aesthetic product manufacturers such as Galderma and endorsed by all major insurance companies in the field – Cosmetic Insure, Hamilton Fraser

Galderma Trainer

Practical groups are limited to 6 which gives a unique opportunity for excellent education and closely supervised hands-on practice. We also give a Starting in Aesthetics talk. We are proud that our courses provide the highest model to delegate ratio.

Unlimited support

We offer unlimited support to all delegates who attend our courses.

Models provided

We do provide models for all our courses but you can bring a model if you prefer. Please note that all Dr Hennessy’s courses DO NOT inject on plastic dummies as we believe that your practical on live individuals is invaluable.

Frequently Asked Questions by Midwivess

At the Dr Hennessy Academy, we believe in real life practice to develop your real life skills. This means that, on all of our training courses, our students perform injections on real models as opposed to plastic dummy models.

You will be injecting under the close supervision of leading Botox and dermal filler expert, Dr Stephen Hennessy, so don’t panic. Earlier in the day you will receive all the theoretical and practical information you’ll need to know how to inject Botox and dermal fillers safely and accurately.

Not only do we provide you with industry-leading practical instruction on the injection of Botox and dermal fillers, we also provide you with very important aesthetic business information which will prepare you for your change in careers.

So often we see people with the cosmetic skills lack the business acumen and struggle to set up their own business. We have a Starting in Aesthetics talk that prepares you for anything the world of running your own business could throw at you.

Because Botox is a prescription only medication, it can only be prescribed by those with the correct qualification. While it may be possible for midwives to hold this qualification, it is not standard and will be uncommon.

However, with your medical contacts from your time in the NHS you may know someone who is a qualified prescriber and can work with them. If not, we can supply you with contact information for qualified prescribers near you after your course.

That is completely up to you! You will leave our course with all the knowledge you’d need to start your own business; however, we understand that this isn’t for everyone.

If you’d rather dip your toes in first, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with working for another practice while developing your skills.

There are benefits to both options. Clinics will be itching to get their hands on trained Botox practitioners with healthcare experience like you have through midwifery, so finding a job will be relatively easy. You also won’t have to worry about a lot of the business side of running a clinic.

Starting your own business on the other hand means you’ll be your own boss and will have a much higher income ceiling. You’ll also have more freedom to manage your own working schedule.

Definitely! Nurses and midwives are some of our favourite clients to teach because of their amazing social and patient-facing skills developed through working in the NHS.

The aesthetic industry has a lot to offer trained medical professionals, such as a better work/life balance and the potential for higher pay. And as quick and non-invasive procedures are becoming more and more popular, the demand for aesthetic providers is increasing.

There hasn’t been a better time to make the switch and finally look out for yourself for once! Complete a Botox course for midwives, become your own boss, and leave the red-tape of the NHS behind.

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