Botox Training For Radiographers 

Radiographers possess a unique understanding of facial anatomy and medical procedures making them exceptionally well-suited to explore the realm of aesthetic treatments. Our specialised Botox training for Radiographers empowers you to leverage your existing expertise in anatomy and imaging to excel in the rapidly growing field of aesthetic procedures.

What You’ll Learn on our Botox Training For Radiographers Course

Our meticulously designed curriculum covers:

Fundamentals of Botox Administration: Dive into the science behind Botox. Understand its mechanisms, and learn safe administration techniques.

Anatomy and Injection Techniques: Utilise your expertise in human anatomy to master precise injection methods and achieve optimal results for your patients.

Patient Assessment and Consultation Skills: Enhance your communication skills to conduct thorough patient assessments and provide personalised consultations.

Safety Protocols and Risk Management: Prioritise patient safety by grasping risk assessment strategies and managing potential complications effectively.

Hands-on Training: Practice on live models under the guidance of Dr Stephen Hennessy BDS, an experienced professional. You will gain practical experience to build confidence in administering Botox Injections. 

Why Choose the Dr Hennessy Academy

At the Dr Hennessy Academy, we approach all our Botox training for Radiographers courses with innovation, prioritising hands-on training utilising live models within our clinic. Our emphasis lies in practical learning, supported by e-learning resources and in-person theoretical training, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of products, techniques and facial anatomy distinctions. 

We offer a combined foundation course which serves as a robust introductory program to Botox. However, we offer an array of courses to healthcare professionals with suitable qualifications and registration. We have courses tailored to newcomers to injectable treatments, as well as advanced-level courses suitable for those who have completed our foundation course or other reputable training programs. 

For more information regarding any of our courses, or to reserve your spot, please get in contact with us today at 01704 567557.

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