Facial Aesthetics Course

If you’re a healthcare professional looking for a new career or an extra revenue stream, then entering the aesthetics industry is a great move and could be very lucrative for you. We offer facial aesthetics courses which are designed to give you the very best theory and practical training within the cosmetic industry. 

About the facial aesthetics course

Dr Hennessy Academy’s Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics (NSFA) course is aimed to equip you with core clinical skills and competency in both the Botulinum toxin (botox) and dermal fillers, through a combination of clinical support and academic teaching.

We take a hands-on approach which allows our students to practise on live models whilst being closely supervised by one of our expert trainers. We do provide models for all our courses but you can bring a model if you prefer. Please note that all Dr Hennessy’s courses DO NOT inject plastic dummies as we believe that your practice on live individuals is invaluable.

We combine a morning full of theory which enables you to develop a sound knowledge of the products used, facial anatomy and mapping. After that you will complete hands-on Botox Training and Dermal Filler Training. We understand this may make you nervous at first, but our practitioners will be there to guide you, advise you and answer all of your questions throughout the day.

Examples of facial aesthetics

Our facial aesthetic course encompass a number of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The more of these treatments you learn to do, the more business you will get. Here are some examples of facial aesthetic treatments:

  • Botox (anti wrinkle treatment)
  • Dermal fillers
    • Cheek filler
    • Non surgical nose job
    • Jawline filler
    • Lip filler
    • Corner lip lift

Benefits of facial aesthetics course

There are a number of benefits of completing our facial aesthetics course. As more and more clients become aware of which procedures are available, in order to run a successful aesthetics business, it’s important to learn about the latest and most popular treatments such as cheek filler, brow lifting and jaw defining. 

Training in facial aesthetics is an excellent way to switch to a growing career path and develop a new revenue stream. 

Contact us

To learn more about the facial aesthetics course we offer or to book your next training session, please do get in touch. We also provide a number of other lip filler courses and combined foundation courses. If you are looking for more advanced courses, we offer advanced dermal filler training and advanced Botox training.

Who can train in our facial aesthetics courses?

Any medical healthcare professionals who are looking to start their new career in the aesthetics industry, or who may be looking for a new revenue stream. Here at Dr Hennessy Academy, we train Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Pharmacists and Dentists.

What are the main benefits to being trained in aesthetics?

You are opening yourself up to a completely new revenue stream, you are able to choose your own hours and not to mention as a healthcare professional you already have the basic knowledge to be able to understand the course fully.

What are examples of facial aesthetics treatments?

The main facial aesthetics treatments are Botox and dermal fillers. Botox is an anti wrinkle treatment, where dermal fillers includes treatments such as lip filler and cheek filler.