Becoming a Botox Technician in the UK

Date: July 1, 2021

Becoming a Botox Technician in the UK

If you’re currently working as a healthcare professional and are looking to expand your skillset to open up new opportunities for yourself in the future, then training to become a Botox technician in the UK could be one of the best choices you make.

The Botox courses we run at the Dr Hennessy Academy will not only provide you with all necessary medical aesthetic training, they will also teach you valuable business skills and give you a head start when it comes to running your own business. 

Our range of Botox training courses and lip filler courses cover all bases from beginners to advanced. So, if you already have some experience in aesthetic training then our advanced Botox and filler courses will be a great choice for you. 

What qualifications do I need to do Botox and fillers?

A question we commonly get asked is can anyone do Botox training? While we do offer aesthetic courses for beginners as well as experienced practitioners, you will need to be a medical professional to attend our courses.

This includes but is not necessarily limited to dentists, doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, and radiographers.

The reason for this is that we follow the Health Education England’s Qualification Requirements for Delivery of Cosmetic Procedures.

On top of this, we are an accredited practitioner of non-surgical cosmetic treatments through Save Face. For some time now, the non-surgical aesthetic procedure market has been flooded with unqualified individuals delivering poor quality treatments and putting patients at risk, and we are working to put a stop to this.

If you are a current medical prescriber, i.e., a doctor, pharmacist, or another medical professional who has trained as an independent prescriber, you will graduate from our course with an unrestricted ability to prescribe and administer Botox and fillers.

However, if you are not a current prescriber and you attend one of our Botox courses for nurses for example, then you will graduate from our course as someone who can administer Botox and fillers provided you are working with a qualified prescriber. We can connect you to our network of qualified prescribers after completing one of our courses.

Benefits of completing a Botox and filler course

If you are seeking a new and exciting challenge away from NHS healthcare work, Botox and dermal filler training can provide you with a platform that you can use to start your own business.

This business can either be full time or part time. You do not necessarily have to leave your NHS job and in fact, extra medical training like what we offer at Dr Hennessy Academy can make you a better and more profitable NHS employee.

Throwing yourself into aesthetic medicine full time though can be incredibly profitable for you. The average Botox patient will pay between £215-£470 per treatment every three months. Depending on how many patients you can fit in a week, you can potentially boost your income by an incredible amount.

If you want to expand your skillset even further and take part in one of our lip filler training courses then you will have even more to offer your patients.

Lip fillers are an extremely popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure at the moment and show no sign of slowing down. With lip fillers, it is immediately obvious whether the practitioner was skilled enough to perform the procedure by just taking one look at their previous work.

By completing a lip filler training course with us, you will have not only learned from one of the most experienced leading experts in the field through Dr Hennessy, but you will also have the beginnings of a portfolio of real models that will showcase your work to potential clients.

Why train at the Dr Hennessy Academy?​

We spare no expense when taking part in one of our cosmetic courses the Dr Hennessy Academy.

Before you start any of our courses, we provide you with all of the relevant e-learning tools that you can use to prepare for your course. This will help you hit the ground running during our Botox and dermal filler foundation course that takes place over the course of a full day.

We receive a lot of praise for our Starting in Aesthetics talk that we deliver during our training courses. This talk provides you with all the essential information you need to start your own business, as well as fill you in on all necessary practices behind prescribing and ordering.

When on your course, you will be part of a small group working under the direct supervision of Dr Hennessy. This means you will have the time to ask any and all questions you need to during your training.

Importantly, you will be working on real models during your training. We believe this is the best way to prepare you for working in the aesthetics industry as opposed to practicing on fake dummy models.

After completing our course, you will have access to our private members only Facebook page where our community of healthcare professionals can share specialist industry advice with each other. You can also contact us by phone or by email if you ever have any follow up questions that you need answering.

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