Dermal Fillers – The Lowdown

Date: March 1, 2013

Dermal Fillers – The Lowdown

When we are young, our skin is kept smooth and supple by a combination of two very important substances, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. While collagen, a protein, provides structural support to your skin, hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar found in all living cells, hydrates and gives volume to the skin by attracting and binding water into each cell. As part of the natural aging process, these important substances decrease and the skin becomes damaged by environmental factors such as sunshine and pollution, causing lines and wrinkles to develop.

Dermal fillers Courses and lip filler courses use a synthetic form of a hyaluronic acid gel that can be injected into the skin with the effect of smoothing wrinkles or adding volume to the lips. Other areas of the face that are commonly treated include the area between the eyebrows (glabellar lines), between the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds) and wrinkles around the lips and eyes.

As dermal fillers are so similar to the body’s own natural substances, as time goes by the implant will totally disappear from your body, so if you don’t decide to go for touch-up Dermal filler courses, the fillers will gradually diminish until your skin looks exactly the same as before the treatment. If you do choose to have a touch-up treatment, most people feel the need to re-treat after 6-12 months, while for lip treatments a touch-up is usually needed after around 4-8 months.

Here at Dr Hennessy Academy, we also offer other cosmetic courses, like Botox training and Botox courses.

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