Do Your Homework On Cosmetic Surgery

Date: March 10, 2013

Do Your Homework On Cosmetic Surgery

A few important things to consider before taking the plunge:

1) Choose your practitioner wisely!

Don’t just rely on your search engine to make the decision for you. The best clinics may not necessarily appear at the top of your search, as Google rankings depend on forum posts, links, and sponsorship. So you may just find the company with the flashiest website, not the best clinic for Cosmetic training.

Don’t be taken in by fancy adverts, focus on choosing the right practitioner not the image of the company. All practitioners should have a CV readily available outlining their cosmetic courses training, including where they studied and what they specialise in.

2) Consult, consult, consult!

The more prospective clinics you can visit, the better. You should book consultations with at least three practitioners for a wide range of advice and to really take stock of your options.  Ask your GP for a recommendation as they will have personal connections from years of referrals.

3) Be realistic

A good success rate for a practitioner should be around 95%. Be suspicious of anything higher – any surgeon who tries to convince you that they have never had any complications is lying. Ask to see statistics on how many operations they have done and how many they have had to re-do or correct. The human body is unique and there are always errors beyond the surgeon’s control.

Be aware that all surgeons work on a commission basis, therefore the more procedures they do the better their bank balance.  They have bills to pay too! So if you find yourself being convinced into further procedures, put the brakes on if you’re not sure.

If you are looking to train in aesthetics we offer Botox courses, Botox training and lip filler courses here at Dr Hennessy Academy.

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