Who should be training the next generation of aesthetic practitioners?

Date: November 18, 2021

Who should be training the next generation of aesthetic practitioners?

The aesthetic industry in England currently operates somewhere between government mandated regulations and industry best practices.

There’s not one mandatory qualification that someone can achieve to become an aesthetic practitioner, and therefore there’s not a mandated syllabus of things to learn to become one either.

Because of this, it’s very important that aesthetic practitioners-to-be choose their course provider carefully to ensure that they receive the best education from an experienced and fully insured tutor.

Learning from sub-standard training providers leaves you in a terrible place for when strict regulations are eventually imposed, which we are sure they soon will be, and you run the risk of all your training counting for nothing only for you to have to pay to learn again with a qualified training provider.

What to look for in an cosmetic courses?

There are many different signs that you should look out for that indicate you are learning from a legitimate training provider. First are some important industry qualifications, and second are instruction practices and techniques.

At the Dr Hennessy Academy, our Botox courses , aesthetic courses and lip filler courses are covered by all major aesthetic industry insurance providers such as Hamilton Fraser and Cosmetic Insure. Once you graduate from one of our Botox training courses or aesthetic courses, you will be accepted for coverage from all major aesthetics insurers and are ready to become an aesthetic practitioner.

On top of this, our instructors are aesthetic industry leaders and well-respected voices in the field. Our trainers have knowledge and experience of a wide range of products and can inform what products help certain areas and needs according to skin or age type.

Finally, we purposefully keep our class sizes small and refrain from teaching too much in one day. Covering too many techniques in one session is a red flag to look out for and you should not, for example, be learning how to inject lips on a foundation day.

When will I be qualified to teach others?

We believe all aesthetic training should only come from a healthcare professional who has had a minimum of 5 years in the industry.

That 5 years of experience enables you to pass on theoretical, practical and first-hand knowledge to your students. Any less time you won’t have attended enough conferences, brand courses, self-learning courses etc.

This is why you should be careful when selecting a training course provider as there is no single certification that will replace what we have mentioned above.

At the Dr Hennessy Academy, we have instructors with over 20 years of professional working experience who will instruct you in all aspects of aesthetics delivery including theoretical and practical knowledge.

We are also fully insured and qualified to enable you to practice on live models under the careful supervision of our instructors. This first-hand experience is crucial in preparing you for becoming an aesthetic practitioner once you graduate from our academy.

Lastly, one of the most important things to learn when making the transition to the aesthetics industry is business experience. Most individuals making the transition from medical professional will not have experience in running their own business or working for themselves. Therefore, we provide plenty of materials for you to get started with running and marketing your own business if that’s your goal, and we also deliver an industry talk to give all the information that you could need to start working in the industry.

Dr Hennessy Academy instructors

When you attend a course at the Dr Hennessy Academy, you will be learning from Dr Stephen Hennessy BDS himself with the assistance of Mrs Alisha Stonier RGN NP and Dr Richard Bates MFDSRCSEd.

Dr Stephen Hennessy has over 20 years of experience working in the aesthetics industry and is respected world-wide for becoming one of the first dental surgeons to also train in the delivery of toxins (Botox) and dermal fillers.

Our team are incredibly knowledgeable and will prepare you for life as an aesthetic practitioner exceptionally well throughout any course that you sign up for at our academy, from our beginner’s foundation course for beginners in aesthetics to our advanced courses on aesthetics and cannula training.

Finally, when you graduate from a Dr Hennessy Academy course, you are treated as one of our alumni and have access to private Facebook groups where we confer about the latest industry news and you can ask any questions that you may have regarding aesthetics.

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