Hollywood’s Stars Speak Out in Favour of Dermal Fillers

Date: October 10, 2012

Wondering how certain celebrities seem to be cheating the aging process? Why actresses such as Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry don’t seem to be aging quite as quickly as you?

Many Hollywood stars appear as flawless today as ten years ago, with even 72-year-old Jane Fonda looking younger than women half her age. Admittedly, these stars have been blessed with some pretty good genes, while personal stylists and airbrushing are essential, but their everlasting youth can also be attributed to dermal fillers such as Restylane, Botox, and Juvederm which minimize tell-tale signs of aging. Signing up to act as a model on a Dermal Filler Training Course can help you to perfect the skill needed to take years off a face.

Experts on cosmetic surgery believe that nearly all top Hollywood celebrities are using dermal fillers to achieve their flawless look, as advancements in high-definition technology mean that the cameras can pick up every wrinkle, crease, and blemish. With Dermal Fillers Training you will be able to help to rid and prevent unwanted facial lines to maintain a youthful look in front of the new high definition cameras.

While some celebrities refuse to admit using fillers, in the same way as previous generations declined to admit undergoing cosmetic surgical procedures, others are open and proud of the methods they are employing to maintain their youthful looks and vibrancy. Stare such as Vanessa Williams, Simon Cowell, Lisa Rinna, Kylie Minogue and Virginia Madsen, all in their forties, have spoken openly about the benefits of fillers, whilst rumours continue to circulate around those who refuse to admit or deny using the treatment, such as Kim Catrall, Nicole Kidman and Cindy Crawford.

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