How to Start a Business as a Medical Professional in the UK

Date: October 31, 2019

How to Start a Business as a Medical Professional in the UK

More and more Brits these days are setting up their own businesses and writing their own success stories.

Last year in the UK, 4.2% of the UK’s population was involved in setting up a business. With the support now in place in Britain for entrepreneurs and the technology that’s readily available to make it happen, now is a really good time to think about creating your own start-up.

In this article, we’re going to look specifically at how you can start a business as a medical professional in the UK and what steps you can take to turn it from an idea into a reality. It all starts with botox courses and aesthetic training…

Article contents:

  1. Fed up of working hard in the NHS and being badly paid?
  2. Profit to be made – cosmetic procedures and the beauty industry
  3. Building on your NHS background – an easy career transition
  4. Affordable Botox training courses at Dr Hennessey Cosmetic Academy
  5. Beginning Botox treatments
  6. Progressing your skills
  7. One-to-one tuition to give your business the best possible start

1. Fed up of working hard in the NHS and being badly paid?

While being a medical professional can pay well, there are many roles that don’t get the credit or the remuneration that they deserve. Sadly, it’s an all-too-familiar story that hard-working people within the NHS put in long and draining hours but do not get paid enough to properly sustain their families or live in the sort of homes that they should be able to afford.

Many medical professionals in the UK feel a loyalty to the NHS because it’s all they’ve ever known. Others tell themselves that they must change their lives but don’t necessarily have an idea about where else they could work or what the alternatives are.

The fact is that there are other options available to medical professionals in this country. Long hours and poor pay do not have to be tolerated and one of the best alternatives is to take all your knowledge and experience and to start your own business.

The training that NHS professionals receive today is of an excellent standard and the medical profession in Britain is hugely respected all around the world. As is the case in so many fields and industries, we set standards in this country that the world aspires to. Knowing this should inspire confidence and serve as a launchpad for starting your own business built on a solid foundation.

So instead of being underpaid and underappreciated, why not look to the beauty industry for a fresh start?

2. Profit to be made – cosmetic procedures and the beauty industry

The world of beauty and cosmetics is a fast-growing industry and a highly profitable area to move into if you’re thinking about creating a start-up.

Thanks to advanced medical technology, procedures such as Botox injections and dermal fillers are growing more and more popular by the day. These procedures offer short-term benefits that don’t require patients to go “under the knife”. Being non-surgical procedures, they have a much wider appeal than other forms of cosmetic surgery and are far more affordable. Last but by no means least, they are popular because they require no recovery time resting in a bed whilst covered in bandages and therefore do not interfere with the everyday life of patients.

These procedures have also been given a great boost in popularity by other forms of technology, namely smartphones and social media. In particular, platforms such as Instagram and YouTube have played a large part in popularising non-surgical procedures.

These days, influencers are able to share the positive effects of these procedures with a very wide audience with a minimum of effort. One short video on YouTube about undergoing Botox injections or one quick post on Instagram showing the improvements achieved by dermal fillers can touch millions of people. These forms of communication are now comparable in reach to television advertising and billboards, indeed far exceeding them in many cases.

Alongside these positive developments, however, we are now seeing many underqualified practitioners operating in the UK. Badly administered Botox and dermal fillers can lead to health problems. This means that there is a definite demand for reputable practitioners in this country. This is why now is such a good time for medical professionals from the NHS to start businesses and provide a truly high-quality service that patients can trust.

3. Building on your NHS background – an easy career transition

So if you’re a doctor, a dentist, a nurse or a midwife then you’re in a perfect position to transition into the world of beauty and cosmetics.

There’s no reason to be intimidated by the thought that you don’t know anything about the industry or about the procedures that are involved because there are special courses available that prepare you.

These courses build on your training and professional standards and equip you to offer a high level of service to patients. So whether you’re looking for Botox courses for doctors, Botox training for nurses, lip filler courses, Botox courses for dentists or a botox and fillers course for midwives, you’ll find a course to suit you at a botox academy.

Affordable Botox training courses at Dr Hennessy Cosmetic Academy

Dr Hennessy Cosmetic Academy is an establishment built on over twenty years’ industry experience. The team of trainers at the academy, of course, have a very comprehensive understanding of the medical side of all the procedures that they teach. What makes them particularly advantageous for anyone wishing to start their own business, however, is that they also understand the legal and business sides of what they do. (You can see an explanation of the latest Botox regulations in the UK here.)

With their particular combination of experience on the one hand and rounded knowledge on the other, the team are the perfect choice if you would like to transition from a role as a medical professional in the NHS to a self-employed specialist in non-surgical cosmetics.

Leading the academy is Dr Stephen Hennessy BDS, a man of considerable experience who has been on the tutoring circuit since 2005. With the rest of his team he has designed courses that cater for a wide range of needs and backgrounds, meaning that whatever your starting point as a medical professional, you can make a smooth transition into a new field.

4. Beginning Botox treatments

For those who have no experience of working with Botox at all but are keen to get started, there is a Botox and Dermal Filler Foundation Day.

This is a comprehensive accredited botox training course that introduces the basics – such as assessing a patient’s face effectively – and takes you through to more advanced skills such as aesthetic mapping techniques. To provide context on the skills you are taught, the history of the procedures is also covered. This ensures that when you perform operations you have a deep understanding of where they have come from and why are they carried out the way that they are.

Patient aftercare is another aspect of the procedures that are taught on this course. Not only does good aftercare make for a better experience for the patient but it also means that they are more likely to spread the word about your business. When someone comes away from their overall experience with the feeling that they have been well cared for, the probability is that they will tell friends and family about your business, either in person or via social media.

5. Progressing your skills

If you already have some experience, know how to administer botox, and are looking to go further before you create your own business, the Dr Hennessy Cosmetic Academy Advanced Cannula Training Course is a good option. This covers jawline definition, correction of a downturned mouth, cheek enhancement with cannula and 3 point jaw lift (with a needle).

There’s also the advanced aesthetic training course that covers some very popular procedures. Among them are scar correction and brow lifting. This course also includes cheekbone definition, liquid facelift and advanced Botulinum Toxin procedures.

Our Cosmetic Courses always have a maximum of seven students. They are designed this way so that every student has ample opportunity to gain practical experience and develop confidence when performing the procedures. However, for a more personal service, there is a one-to-one Botox training course.

6. One-to-one tuition to give your business the best possible start

To give your business the best possible start there is a one-to-one bespoke course available at Doctor Hennessy Cosmetic Academy. Having the complete attention of an expert and having the day tailored around your needs ensures that everything you particularly want to focus on can be fitted in.

Whichever course you take, Dr Hennessy Cosmetic Academy offers a “Starting in Aesthetics” talk to conclude the experience. This covers how you can pursue a career after the course and what steps you should take to become a success.

If you are interested in any of the aesthetics training courses including our lip filler courses mentioned in this article, or if you just wish to make a general enquiry, please contact us or feel free to give us a call on 01704 567 557.

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