Lip Filler FAQs

Date: November 23, 2022

Lip Filler FAQs

How many delegates will be on the lip filler courses?

The Dr Henessy Academy has a maximum magic number of 6 delegates with any of our cosmetic courses. We have been training since 2005 and found that anything above this amount impacts the full practical experience that we value.

Do we practice on live models?

Yes, we believe in practicing on real, live models is essential for your learning experience. We actively champion a hands-on learning experience. This is because everyone has a different type of skin and lip size, therefore being exposed to different models during your training means you’re ready to take on any client with confidence when you leave us. 

If you would like to become a model please check out our Facebook page.

How many models will I practice on?

We ensure that you inject a full lip on different models. This means you will do a lower lip on one model and an upper on another. You will also be injecting on different models which allows you to get used to differences in skin, faces, and textures.

Do I need to have completed a previous course before I go on to attend the Lip and LA course?

Yes, you need to have done the foundation course. This is our most popular option for new aesthetics practitioners. The combined Foundation Botox and Filler Courses is the perfect starting place for all medical and healthcare professionals looking to start an aesthetics business.

Is it necessary to complete a lip course even though I’ve completed a dermal filler course?

Yes, the Foundation course is just the first step into aesthetics training. If you have already completed a Foundation course with the Dr Hennessy Academy, or other accredited course, and would like to extend your aesthetics practice then our full-day Lip Filler Course and L.A. training is a logical next step.

Will Dr Hennessy go through the products on the market?

Yes, we have extensive knowledge of the products on the market and we spend part of the course dedicated to teaching you about them. Our industry experience means we are best placed to advise on the quality of each product.

Why the Lip and LA course and not part of the Combined Foundation?

We have separated the courses out to ensure you can cover enough detail and get as much hands on experience as possible in order to leave us ready to take on clients. Also, 

Who can take the lip fillers course?

You must be medically qualified to take one of our courses. Our courses are normally taken by qualified healthcare professionals who are trained as Doctors, Midwives, Dentists, and Nurses. 

How long is a lip filler course?

Our lip filler course runs for a whole day, the times are usually 9am – 5pm. This gives you enough time to go through theoretical and practical material, as well as, learn how to choose the correct lip filler and maintain balance in your clients face.

Will I receive certification on completion of the course?

Once you have completed the whole training, you’ll receive a Certificate of Competence which is accepted by all major insurance companies. 

Why should I take a lip filler course?

A lip filler training course prepares you for the next step in your aesthetics career, be it in opening your own clinic, or gaining a new position at an existing practice. A career working in aesthetics is attractive for a number of reasons.

Here at Dr Hennessy Academy, we also provide Botox training and Botox courses to medical professionals.

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