Skincare Labels Are Misleading Customers

Do your beauty products really do what they claim to do?

When searching for the perfect skin-care products, we’ve all been tempted by products labelled as natural, unscented, hypoallergenic or firming, but what exactly do these buzzwords really mean? These are 4 of the most common claims found on beauty products, but they can be misleading, and often deliberately so.

1. ‘Natural’.

What it suggests: Contains only ingredients from plants or minerals, no chemicals.

What it actually means: Whatever the manufacturer wants as there is no legal definition of “natural”. It may contain one of two essential oils plus a whole load of chemicals!

What to try instead: a dermal fillers course will keep you looking younger for longer with no need to splash out on expensive creams and lotions.

2. ‘Firming’

What it suggests: Proven to make skin firmer in appearance.

What it actually means: Essentially not much as there is no objective way to measure firming. Most claims are based on a small study of subjective consumer perceptions.

What to try instead: Using dermal fillers can be a much more effective way to produce more firm looking skin. Ensure that those treating you have completed recognised dermal fillers training courses.

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  1. Your skin care tips are very informative. Just found out blackwood for men face wash makes my skin smells way cleaner (google it)

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