South Korean Girls Queuing Up To Look More Western

Date: December 10, 2012

South Korean Girls Queuing Up To Look More Western

South Korea has recently overtaken Brazil as the plastic surgery capital of the world, now having the highest number of surgeries performed per capita. South Korean women are now so immersed in a western celebrity culture that a new procedure, aimed at creating the Caucasian crease many Asian women don’t naturally have, and known as ‘double eyelid surgery’, has become as common as a trip to the dentist.

The popular procedure involves cutting the outer end of the eyes to allow them to become wider and rounder, something plastic surgeons say boosts confidence. Another common choice is to raise the nose and inject fact into the forehead and chin, creating the appearance of a Caucasian facial structure.

Eyelid surgery has become so entrenched in South Korean culture that before and after advertisements with often graphic pictures are everywhere. But at this year’s Seoul Fashion Week, many of the fashionistas were starting to distance themselves from K-pop plastic surgery culture, in fact, there were many make-up artists and models talking about reversing the procedure, favouring a more natural look. Keep ahead with the latest trends by enrolling in Botox Courses, Lip Filler Courses and Cosmetics Courses at an aesthetics training academy.

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