Botox Training Course FAQs 

Who can attend Dr Hennessy Academy’s Botox training course?

Here at Dr Hennessy’s Academy we only offer our Botox training courses, as well as all our other courses, to healthcare professionals. If you are a doctor, nurse, midwife, pharmacist, dentist, radiographer, paramedic or dental therapist you will then be able to attend our botox training course. If you are unsure if your profession/qualification would be accepted then please get in touch with us for clarification. 

What’s included in our Botox training course day?

Throughout the botox training course day, you will be provided with a combination of theory and practical work. You will start your day with an in-depth theory session, which will provide you with an excellent understanding of all Botox treatments, contra indications and safe practice information, allowing you to be confident when injecting. Going on into the afternoon you will then receive hands-on practical Botox training, the whole of the day is a crucial learning experience. 

Do you have the chance to practice on live models?

During all our training courses, you will always have the chance to practise on live models. We only believe in using live models, as this allows you to see the different individual facial structures. We can guarantee that you will have the chance to inject every area of the face with Botox at least twice. This then gives you a full understanding of the facial muscles, structure and the best injection technique to use on your patient. Having a full understanding of all these areas of the face will allow you to then be better prepared on advising your own patients after completing the botox training course.

What are the benefits of taking part in a Botox training course?

  • The sessions are led by an industry expert, who provide you with hands-on training.
  • A great way to take a step into a new career, which can generate a new revenue stream.
  • By the end of the botox training course, you will be fully equipped and ready to start treating your own clients and to start growing your own aesthetics business.
  • You will then be able to have the opportunity to take part in more advanced aesthetics training courses so that you can widen your knowledge and treatments.

Who is Dr Hennessy?

Dr Stephen Hennessy is the owner of Dr Hennessy Academy, he is a leading expert in the field of facial aesthetics. All botox training courses are taught by Dr Stephen Hennessy himself, who will be assisted by Ms. Alishsa Owen ensuring you are led by a non-surgical aesthetics professional team. Dr Hennessy has experience in performing thousands of anti ageing treatments, he also trained in the London’s Royal college of surgeons and he is a key opinion leader and trainer for Galderma. Not to mention that he is also the originator of “The Hennessy Lift ”, which is now a dermal filler procedure named in recognition of Dr Hennessy’s innovative filler work. 

Where is the Dr Hennessy Academy clinic and how can I get in touch?

The Dr Hennessy Academy clinic can be found in Preston, this is where all our botox training courses and other aesthetic courses always take place. If you would like to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to give us a call or fill out our contact form