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Fantastic teaching and a well paced course. Left today with all the skills to build upon and start practise.

Philip Johnson-Blackwell, Nurse – 2018

Excellent course, good venue and lots of valuable information to take home. Lovely atmosphere and such great communication from a lovely team.

Gilly Coombs, RN Prescriber – 2018

Just great courses, the emphasis on the hands on practical is brilliant and Dr Hennessy’s teaching is so easy to listen to. Im booking the third course.

J Janson, Dentist – 2017

I travelled and will travel again to complete all of Dr Hennessy’s courses. The support given after the course was such a help. Thank you

B Cloonan, Nurse – 2017

Another training day with Dr Hennessy! Relaxed atmosphere, thorough guidance throughout the day and I left excited and ready to commence lip fillers in my own clinic

Katie Bostwick, Dental Nurse – 2017

Excellent combination of practical and theory. I left feeling confident of achieving predictable results with the filler and Botulinum.

M Mirza, Dentist – 2017

So impressed at how much practical exposure was included in this course. So impressed, thank you.

Lauren Snape, RN – 2017

Great day, learnt a lot and received so much practical training I felt confident and knowledgable after the course. I would highly recommend Dr Hennessy Academy and I will be back to do his other courses

Danielle Croud, Nurse – 2017

Excellent day. Really interesting and informative and the practical sessions were fantastic.

Julie Davies , Dental hygienist – 2017

The day was very enjoyable, I haven’t learnt so much on a course for long time. Steve was approachable, informative and funny, and non of the information was tedious, book me on the lips and LA

Hannah Lee, Nurse – 2017

Dr Hennessy has give me the confidence to treat my patients. Worth the trip over from Trinidad.

S. Karim, Doctor – Foundation days 2015

Even the advanced course is brilliant. So many new techniques and skills learnt. Thanks.

Yvonne Copeland, Nurse – Advanced Course 2015

I am so relieved I chose Dr Hennessys Academy. What I gained from his experience is invalueable. Thank you once again.

Stacey Smith, RGN – Combined 2015

Facials Aesthetics made simple!

Sophie Waring, Nurse – May 2015

Just a really informative day. Fell confident with all procedures and so much hands-on experience

Sharon Jackson, Nurse – Combined May 2015

Steve Hennessy is so knowlegable on aesthetics yet approachable. Lots of hands-on. Just a great course

Georgina Johnson, Dentist – July 2015

I swapped courses to Dr Hennessys Academy. It was a fantastic course, and great decision.

J. Sumerland, Nurse – Combined Course July 2015

What an excellent trainer Dr Hennessy is

L. Little, Nurse – Combined Course June 2015

Extremely thorough and informative day.

Adam Pormahak, Dentist- Combined course May 2015

Excellent course and the tips given for new starters were so useful. I will definitely recommend this course.

Stevany Ly Core, Medical Trainee Doctor – May 2015 – COMBINED COURSE

Theory and hands on – spot on! Dr Hennessy is very approachable and very informative. Highly recommended.

Paul Nathan, Dentist – Bespoke ONE 2 ONE day 2015

A great day in a friendly and relaxed environment which allows quality learning. A vast amount learnt from an expert tutor. Thank you

Mark Eddleston, Dentist, February 2015 – COMBINED COURSE

A fantastic day at Dr Hennessys Academy, very relaxed, informative and enjoyable learning experience. Thank you.

Sophie Parker, Dental therapist, February 2015 – COMBINED COURSE

What a great teacher and such an enjoyable learning experience and I feel confident to try myself.

Kate Bailey, Health Visiter, Adult nurse, February 2015 – COMBINED COURSE

FANTASTIC DAY. Very confident to go and treat my patients. Steve has a great way of teaching these new skills.

Vinit Khanna, Dentist, February 2015 – COMBINED COURSE

Loved the course!

Joanna Sturgees, Midwife, February 2015 – COMBINED COURSE

Just a fantastic course, feel very confident

Saida Hussain, Midwife, January 2015 – BOTULINUM COURSE

A great day, lots of practice and lovely staff

Hasnet Surtees, Dental therapist, January 2015

Excellent training, detailed and informative with plenty of practice

Jenni Talbot, RGN, January 2015 – LIP COURSE

Good hands on course. I went away feeling confident to treat my own patients

Davis Wright, Dentist, January 2015 – COMBINED COURSE

A very informative course in a relaxed and friendly environment. Thank you.

Rafina Bashir, Dental therapist, January 2015 – COMBINED COURSE

Fantastic variety of treatments- covered every aspect.

Caroline Wilkins, Dentist, February 2015 – ADVANCED COURSE

Dr Hennessy was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable Very much enjoyed the course with plenty of hands on experience.

Domenic Di Rollo, Surgeon, January 2015 – COMBINED COURSE

Great course – teaching technique great and very approachable.

D. Patel, Dentist, February 2015 – COMBINED COURSE

3rd course with Dr Hennessy, excellent and I will be back again soon for the advanced course

H Benko, Dentist, February 2015 – LIP COURSE

Lip course was really well presented and very informative.

Saida Hussain, Midwife, January 2015 – LIP COURSE

So great that we took turns on each patient and not stood around. Thank you.

Caroline Wilkins, Dentist, February 2015 – ADVANCED COURSE

I would recommend Dr Hennessys Academy course. Very informative and a lot of practice as well.

Z. Gardener, Dentist, January 2015 – LIP COURSE

Very good course and so much practical experience

Dr. Ibreck, Doctor, January 2015 – LIP COURSE

Dr. Hennessy is a great teacher. The techniques and knowledge I learnt from his previous courses has got me great comments for my own work!

Dominic Anglin, Doctor, February 2015 – ADVANCED COURSE

Such a well presented course. Thank you

Andy Brady, Dentist, January 2015 – COMBINED COURSE

Fantastic experience, Dr Hennessy guided me through every step. I feel confident now and I am going to refer this institution to my friends who want to do further courses

Mousumi Bose, Nurse, 24th August 2014 – LIP COURSE

Well planned, very informative, really enjoyed the whole day

Saida Hussain, Nurse, 24th August 2014 – LIP COURSE

Excellent venue and tutor, lots of theoretical knowledge and practical experience gained!
Would highly recommend

Kirsty Woodmason, Dentist, August 23rd – COMBINED COURSE

Very thorough and enjoyable day will come back soon for the advanced course

K. Grimley, Nurse, 23rd August – COMBINED COURSE

Fab course with very good and through teacher. Very friendly and welcoming, worth the money and long day. Thank you

Kimberley Beer, Nurse, 23rd August 2014 – COMBINED COURSE

A very informative and well presented day, thank you

Samuel McGowan, Nurse, 23rd August 2014 – COMBINED COURSE

I really enjoyed the day and I feel very competent considering it’s just a day – great job

Amrita Richardson, Dentist, 23rd August 2014 – COMBINED COURSE

Excellent information, learnt lots of skills and very friendly. Also kept well fed and watered throughout the day and I want to learn more as I’m hooked

Saida Hussain, Nurse, 23rd August 2014 – COMBINED COURSE

Excellent course, Steve made learning very enjoyable and the course was inspiring

Rashmi Chury, Dentist, 20th July 2014 – FILLER COURSE

Very friendly, relaxed environment. Lots of practise and plenty of encouragement. Supervision and advise was great. Thank you

Rebecca Williams, Dentist, 20th July 2014 – FILLER COURSE

Really enjoyable and informative day. Relaxed atmosphere and Stephen is very approachable to ask any questions. I would certainly come back for further courses and recommend them to friends

Jennifer Hunt, 19th July 2014 – BOTULINUM COURSE

I found this course really helpful. I now feel confident to inject as I had enough time with the models to practice.

Smith Denny, Nurse, 19th July 2014 – BOTULINUM COURSE

FANTASTIC DAY. Contents far exceeded my expectations. All of my questions were answered in the theory sessions with a relaxed atmosphere and a great teaching style. Thank you

Mel Milloy, Nurse, 19th July 2014 – BOTULINUM COURSE

Really good day with really clear theory. Good practical experience and good business advise

Victoria Lennon, Nurse, 19th July – BOTULINUM COURSE

Great learning environment. Made to feel at home and had great fun.

Lucy Veitch, Dentist, 22nd June 2014 – COMBINED COURSE

Very welcoming staff. I was nervous before the day but I have really enjoyed the day as there was no pressure.

Lucy Woodside, Dentist, 22nd June 2014 – COMBINED COURSE

Very good course with lots of practical experience

Claire Perry, Dentist, 22nd June 2014 – COMBINED COURSE

Really enjoyable course and delivered in a really relaxed and enjoyable manner. Left feeling confident and excited to start using my new skills

Amy Oxborrow, Dentist, 22nd June 2014 – COMBINED COURSE

Post course letter;
You guys have been great, it’s so nice to have the support. Honestly, today I was never doing it again but once I spoke to Dr Hennessy he put it all into perspective and I felt so much better, he’s so realistic and honest. It’s so nerve wracking at first and he has an appreciation of how it feels when you start out.

Lisa Gilchrist, Nurse, May 2014

Excellent, informative, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, really fantastic – thank you.

Kate Blundell, Dentist, May 2014

The teaching was interesting and made sense, lovely surroundings. Loved the day.

Cheryl Holden, Nurse, May 2014

Very interactive, great hands on experience and gained lots of confidence.

Eleanor Dyson, Nurse, May 2014

Really enjoyed it, Thanks.

Rahul Sharma, Dentist, May 2014

Thanks Steve, it was a great course, everything explained clearly. Gave me the knowledge and confidence to do facial aesthetics to my own patients.

Ifigenia Natsiou, Dentist, May 2014

Really enjoyed the day. A lot of the time was spent ensuring we felt confident and all our questions were answered, no matter how stupid. Very patient with all students.

G. Ford, Nurse, March 2014

Are you mean’t to enjoy a course so much? Thank you

C Matthews, Dentist, March 2014

Definitely worth devoting a day to lips as the technique is quite different to fillers in other areas. A really enjoyable day.

M. Hayes, Doctor, March 2014

Definitely worth devoting a day to lips as the technique is quite different to fillers in other areas. A really enjoyable day.

L Gilchrist, Nurse, March 2014

Excellent quality of lecture, enjoyed every minute of it.

J. Hyslop, Dentist, March 2014

Having had training for Botox/fillers somewhere else previously with not such a helpful outcome, I was hesitant to book the advanced course at first. I am so glad I have done it and Dr Hennessy is inspirational and so informative. I would recommend these courses to anyone.

M. Powell, Doctor, March 2014