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Botox and Filler Training Courses for Doctors

I'm a doctor, is this career for me?

As a doctor, pursuing a new career in the aesthetics industry can be extremely rewarding and lucrative as well as giving you a greater work-life balance than working in the health sector.

You’ll be used to working long hours, feeling stressed and occasionally underappreciated, and if you’re looking for a way out of the NHS whilst still using your medical knowledge and expertise then our aesthetics training for doctors could be the perfect answer.

Our combined foundation training courses are perfect for those taking the leap into the aesthetics industry, and we also have advanced courses for people with more experience or as a follow up course if you want to learn even more and offer more to your clients.

What can doctors expect on our aesthetic courses?

For our foundation course, you should expect to spend the whole day at our training site. During this time, you’ll be part of a small group of trainees paired with Dr Stephen Hennessy himself. This gives you the best opportunity to ask questions and make sure that you’re following along precisely.

There will be a mixture of theoretical and practical learning. The theory not only includes the information behind why we use certain products and the science behind them, but it also includes information that’s important to setting up an aesthetic business.

As a doctor, you should be confident that you will pick up things in this industry quickly so you should be confident to approach our advanced courses relatively quickly.


The demand for Botox and dermal fillers has never been higher so if you’d like to join a multi-billion-pound industry then book your place on one of our foundation or advanced aesthetics courses today. 

Why choose to do your aesthetic training with Dr Hennessy BDS?

The Dr Hennessy Academy offers a range of in-depth courses that build on your existing skills as a doctor.

With over 20 years’ experience in the aesthetics field, and a background in dentistry, Dr Hennessy BDS ensures that you will receive a comprehensive training programme.

This includes e-learning, in person theory and practical, hands on experience to give you a sound and confident understanding of the products and procedures involved in administering aesthetic treatments.


Dr Hennessy works alongside Mrs Alisha Stonier, RGN, NP and, in addition to the hands-on training of the treatments themselves, our courses also cover how to run consultations, facial mapping and the administration side of the business so you leave ready to take on clients with confidence as soon as you complete your training.

What about my insurance and CPD points?

Leading insurers who have approved Dr Hennessy Academy training are Hamilton Fraser, Enhance Insurance and Lonsdale and all of our courses are also certified for the appropriate number of CPD points.


Which aesthetic courses are available for UK doctors?

As a UK doctor interested in aesthetic training, there are numerous options for you to choose from including:

Completing training with the Dr Hennessy Academy will allow you to offer patients some of the most popular treatments which are now routinely requested, such as scar correction, jawline definition and brow lifting.

Is aesthetics training really right for me?

As a doctor, right now, you’re in great demand.

What you can offer clients is the trust and peace of mind that only comes with a UK-qualified medical professional. What you can provide is a very high standard of service at a competitive price.

As well as providing you with more business to increase your income, the work introduces considerable variety to increase your overall job satisfaction.

Without putting great demands on your time, and with a relatively small financial investment, you can broaden your services and grow as a professional.

To find out more about our courses or to book your place today call 01704 567557.

Frequently Asked Questions from Botox Professionals

At Dr Hennessy Academy, we fully believe that the best way to learn is through actual, real life practice. This means that yes, on our course you will be performing procedures on real models.

Not only does this mean you will be more experienced than people who have only practiced on dummies, but you will also have experience in reacting to and adapting your technique to suit the different face and lip structure of individual people.

We make sure that all of the trainees in our class complete a full series of injections across multiple models so that they have a complete experience in all of the major Botox and filler services.

If you wish, you can bring your own model with you. By doing this, you can see the effects of your work over time. All trainees will work on every model present though so bare this in mind if you want to bring your own model.   

No, if you have the time to support your income by fitting in part-time procedures then this can be a great opportunity so take this time to decide on what you want to do in the future.

The only problem is we know that doctors are already extremely overworked so we’re sure that any free time you have you might want to spend with your family or relaxing. That’s why we usually see junior doctors who have the time to also perform some part time work benefitting most from juggling aesthetics and NHS work.

The only thing to consider is if you are a first stage foundation doctor and cannot prescribe Botox (as it is a prescription only medication) you will need to work with another doctor or qualified prescriber who can consult with your patients before you administer Botox on them.

This is completely understandable. Leaving your job to pursue your own career working for yourself is a massive step.

However, you should have some belief in yourself! You’re a trained medical professional and are among some of the most skilled individuals in the country.

We’ll give you plenty of business tips to help you get started. As well as this, you’ll have access to private groups and chats with the rest of our alumni where we encourage a supportive and helpful environment. You can use this to ask any questions you have in the future and reassure yourself that you’re not the only one who gets nervous after making a big career change.  

If you still aren’t sure if starting your own business is what you want to do then you can always seek employment at a current clinic. With your experience after completing our course, any good clinic would be glad to have you.

Working at a current clinic also means your yearly salary may be set. This means it will be more reliable and consistent but it won’t offer the highest pay ceilings that working for yourself does

Recommended by Galderma

Our courses are recommended by aesthetic product manufacturers such as Galderma and endorsed by all major insurance companies in the field – Cosmetic Insure, Hamilton Fraser

Groups limited to 6

Practical groups are limited to 6 which gives a unique opportunity for excellent education and closely supervised hands-on practice. We also give a Starting in Aesthetics talk. We are proud that our courses provide the highest model to delegate ratio.

Unlimited support

We offer unlimited support to all delegates who attend our courses.

Models provided

We do provide models for all our courses but you can bring a model if you prefer. Please note that all Dr Hennessy’s courses DO NOT inject on plastic dummies as we believe that your practical on live individuals is invaluable.

Want to know more about Dr Hennessy Academy or any of our botox, advanced aesthetics or cosmetic courses?

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