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Expert Aesthetics Training Courses for Pharmacists

Pharmacists work tirelessly, often in high pressure environments and while many love their roles, plenty also want better job security, flexibility and better standards of pay and recognition for their efforts.

Our Aesthetics Training for Pharmacists can give you all the confidence and skills you need to step away and start your own aesthetics businesses in an industry that is now worth over £2billion.

For a long time, pharmacists couldn’t practice in the field of non-surgical cosmetic procedures as insurance companies wouldn’t provide cover, however HEE guidelines do now include pharmacists and we are delighted to over our Botox and filler training courses to Pharmacists from across the UK.

Dermal fillers aren’t classified as medical devices and do not require a prescription which means if you’re a pharmacist without the prescribing qualification then you can still source these products independently.

However, Botox is a prescription only medicine so, unless you are a licensed prescriber, you will need to source a qualified prescriber to assess and write the prescription for each patient.

This is something we cover and can help you with, along with the relevant insurances, as part of our comprehensive training courses.

Channel your existing skills into a new business!

As a successful pharmacist, you will have expert knowledge in medicine as well as outstanding patient rapport which gives you a head start when it comes to a career in the aesthetics industry.

Our Botox and dermal filler training courses for Pharmacists will give you all the knowledge, experience and confidence to work part time alongside your existing role and supplement your income or enable you to change direction and make aesthetics a full-time occupation.

Our aesthetics courses will enable to decide which path would be best and give you the ability to start treating patients as soon as you successfully complete your one day course.

An extensive aesthetics training programme that works for you!

Our comprehensive training provides you with the opportunity to greatly enhance your own skills and capitalise on your existing experience.

You will learn how to perform treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, and similar aesthetic treatments for which the patient base has grown almost exponentially in recent times.

The winning combination of your established knowledge with newfound practical abilities can provide excellent opportunities for you in the future.

Our group classes are purposely kept small in size so every participant has the opportunity to experience the essential hands-on practice that we pride ourselves on, as well as making sure there’s enough time to ask questions, share concerns and learn all you need to know about the products and procedures involved in your new career.

You can also choose to go solo with our bespoke one-to-one training where we tailor the programme to meet your specific needs in order to help you reach your personal goals.

Open the door to more clients with our advanced aesthetics training for Pharmacists

Once you have completed the Foundation course you are more than welcome to return to the Dr Hennessy Academy to boost your knowledge and widen your skill set so you can offer even more procedure to your client base.

Lip fillers are one of the most popular treatments and we offer a comprehensive Lips and Local Anaesthesia course which is accessible once you have passed your foundation level.

If you’re a dentist already trained in some popular aesthetic treatments and you wish to learn more, then we also teach other advanced techniques at the Academy, such as:

  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Scar correction
  • Brow lifting
  • Jawline definition

You can choose between our Advanced Aesthetic Training Course or our Advanced Cannula Training Course.

Or, if you would like to gain a unique understanding of how aesthetic treatments are best incorporated into a clinic, we run special observation evenings that afford an insight into the way that Dr Hennessy BDS works.

Our goal is to provide high-quality courses that furnish pharmacists with the knowledge they need to transform their careers, without placing undue demands on your time or bank balance.

All of our courses (except the one-to-one training and observation evenings) are priced at just £795 plus VAT and are competed in one day.

Market-leading insurance approval

We understand that as soon as you qualify, you’ll want to start putting your newfound skills to good use. By choosing the Dr Hennessy Academy, you will be able to do just that.

Industry leaders Hamilton Fraser, Lonsdale, and Enhance Insurance have all approved our training courses so you will be able to start practising as soon as your qualification is complete, without any need to wait for separate practitioner’s cover to be approved.

Expert courses delivered by experts

Our trainers all, like yourself, have extensive medical backgrounds.

Mrs Alisha Stonier (RGN, NP) has 11 years’ experience as a nurse while Dr Stephen Hennessy himself practised as a dentist before choosing to specialise in aesthetics. He brings with him over 20 years’ experience and an unrivalled knowledge of the industry.

Dr Richard Bates also hails from the dental field, with experience working in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

As a result, our team are perfectly poised to guide you through this new phase of your career development.

Not only do they possess the crucial knowledge and insights you will need, but they have followed the same path themselves, and share their experiences with you to help guide you towards your own success.

Find out more today 

When you’re ready to start this exciting new chapter of your career, please do get in touch. The world of aesthetics is waiting for you, and we look forward to helping you to reach your goals.

Recommended by Galderma

Our courses are recommended by aesthetic product manufacturers such as Galderma and endorsed by all major insurance companies in the field – Cosmetic Insure, Hamilton Fraser

Groups limited to 6

Practical groups are limited to 6 which gives a unique opportunity for excellent education and closely supervised hands-on practice. We also give a Starting in Aesthetics talk. We are proud that our courses provide the highest model to delegate ratio.

Unlimited support

We offer unlimited support to all delegates who attend our courses.

Models provided

We do provide models for all our courses but you can bring a model if you prefer. Please note that all Dr Hennessy’s courses DO NOT inject on plastic dummies as we believe that your practical on live individuals is invaluable.

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